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Heinrich-Gregor Zirnstein

I'm a PhD student in Theoretical Physics. I study topological phases of matter.

In layman's terms: I'm using quantum physics to discover new materials that, in some distant future, may be useful in everyday devices like smartphones (which, by the way, already use quantum physics). My work is theoretical: Instead of touching actual materials, I think really hard and contribute to our shared map of materials that are possible at least in principle, and try to find new and interesting landmarks.

In Group:
Prof. Dr. Bernd Rosenow at the University of Leipzig.
zirnstein at itp dot uni-leipzig dot de
Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of Leipzig
Brüderstr. 16
D-04103 Leipzig
Room 311a


Here, I collect various introductory notes, publications and talk transcripts. I hope they are useful.

Expository material